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Terms & Conditions

Visitors to our site are requested to proceed only subject to their acceptance of the following terms & conditions of ours:

1. Mumbai Home is the Web property of Labdhi Estates. Labdhi Estates is a MahaRERA registered Real Estate Broker. Our standard fee for facilitating sale/purchase of properties is 2% of the total sale/purchase value plus taxes as applicable, to be paid by either parties to Labdhi Estates. Our standard fee for rental/lease transaction is 2 months of rent to be paid by either party similarly to us for the first year & one month's rent for every subsequent renewal. These fees will be applicable on all transactions done through us unless otherwise specified by us in writing to you the client/s. The fee for financial mediation would be 1% plus taxes as applicable to be payable by the party availing finance through our mediation/agency/representation. These fees are independent of legal charges which are to be borne by the clients directly.

2. The above fee becomes immediately after the completion of the transaction which will consist of registration in the case of properties & disbursement in the case of funding. IN cases of renewal the fee becomes applicable immediately upon the expiry of the first year term of the tenant/lessee/licensee.

3. We collect personal contact information from individuals interested in availing our services, through our site for the purpose of contacting them and/or keeping in touch with them only. All such information collected is always in the custody of Labdhi & its professional partners & is never sold/exchanged/disclosed or divulged to anyone except with the prior permission of the client.

4. We do not