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Happy to launch the new edition of mumbaihome.in, our old website developed by us with a new philosophy - for the happiness of all client families. We have decided to change our business after a lot of introspection. We worked as Estate Brokers earlier, now we wish to work as 'Home Builders'. This new vision of the Labdhi Group will be aptly showcased at Mumbaihomes.in. All employees & the Management will now work not for buying or selling or leasing of properties but for fulfilling the highest dream of every Indian - the dream of having a perfect house. We will help our clients to select a bare wall house & convert it into a 'Home' with the least investment. We at Labdhi are very serious about implementing this vision. Requesting my friends & well wishers to suggest me multple ways of doing so. All good suggestions get a treat from me. So come on friends...


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